Assessment & Psychological Test

Competency Assessment

Assessment carried out by comparing the positions required competencies with the competencies possessed by employees. Method used in Competence based Assessment including :

  • Assessment Center
  • Behavioral Event Interview (BEI)
  • 360°


Psychological Test

We conducts psychological assessment of aspects or criteria established by our client’s company. Psychological assessment that conducted is psychological test and interview (if required). Our service include:

  • Weekly regular class (Tuesday & Thursday)
  • On call basis (tailor made approaches)

Psychological Test Tools :

  • Intelligence Test
  • Personality Test
  • Work Attitude
  • Special Test (Clerical, Finance, Technique, Mechanical Comprehension)


Online Test

We provide some useful online psychological screening test for helping our clients to determine fit candidates. Most of the test are short and immediately scored.

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