HR Administration Services

HR Administration Services is a human resources business process outsourcing focuses on carries out HR business process that consist of strategy, procedure, or administrative task. Using HR Administration Services, our client can accelerate HR business process while keep focus in managing core business.

Our services include:

  • Payroll & employees income tax (PPh 21)
  • HR administration
  • Government insurance (BPJS) administration
  • Foreign worker documents¬†handling


When do you need HR Administration Services?

  • Your business age cycle is in the development stage so that available resources will tend to focuses on core business aspect.
  • Small to mid-sized companies where HR operation are more on administrative task so that basically hasn’t effective enough to develop complete HR department.
  • Companies that doesn’t have HR department but needs to deliver their responsibilities regarding employment matter.
  • Companies that want to improve their HR business process and would like to develop their internal HR in the future.


Value Add

  • Reduce cost
  • Focus on core business
  • Professional and competence
  • Risk management
  • Improve HR process
  • Comply to regulation

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